With each candle designed to buyer specification by our Professional Mehndi/ Henna Artists, no two candles are the same- which makes your candle completely bespoke and unique.

These candles are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere at home, but also bring a touch of unique elegance. Gift them to your bridal party, or give them as wedding favours, they can be used as a wonderful touch to any celebration.

We can design these candles to incorporate your special day, by adding dates, names or meaningful designs. If you have specific colours you would like used, please let us know, alongside any specific design requests.

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Le Rouge De La Vie's henna candles are perfect for both home and celebratory events. Lanterns and Candles can be used to create the perfect atmosphere at home or for striking event centrepieces From table displays to mantle piece decorations our henna candles are perfect for the home