Mehndi stains can last from 4 days up to 4 weeks (if not longer) however, this is all dependant on a number of factors which will determine how long the stain lasts and how dark the stain will develop. The most important of these factors are the skin type and the aftercare provided.

Due to differing body chemistry (stress, hormones, temperature and location on the body) mehndi looks different on everyone.

Caring for your mehndi is a very important step for achieving the darkest colour possible.

Beautiful Palm Mehndi Designs by Le Rouge De La Vie Intricate Artwork by our resident Mehndi Artist


- Perform all hair removal and exfoliation at least 24-48 hours before the application.

- Manicures and pedicures should also be carried out prior to the application (as you will be soaking your hands and feet in water).

- Make sure the room where the application will take place is of room temperature or slightly cooler (having a room too warm will result in the mehndi melting)

- Ensure you are wearing comfortable clothes that you can sleep in or remove easily, and ensure contact lenses are removed.

Custom Mehndi Patterns by Le Rouge De La Vie Creative Mehndi Patterns by Le Rouge De La Vie Luxurious and Long Lasting Mehndi by Le Rouge De La Vie


- The mehndi MUST be kept on the skin for a minimum of 6 hours- although for a really dark stain it is recommended to keep it on overnight for 8-12 hours.

- Try to keep warm after the application. The palms are generally warmer than the rest of your body and this is why the stain will be darker in these areas.

- Do NOT seal or wrap your hands and feet with any sort of material. Sleep naturally, as using bags or any sort of wrap or seal, will result in the mehndi smudging and ruining your design.

- ONLY seal dried mehndi with a lemon and sugar syrup* by dabbing a cotton ball dipped in the syrup (please do not use this paste if you are allergic to the contents). Once the mehndi with the syrup has dried, apply more syrup. Repeat this process 3-6 times.

- Minimise your contact with water, especially within the first 24 hours. Contact with water will hinder the stain from reaching the peak of it's development.

- Do NOT use a hairdryer or a blow-dryer in an attempt to dry your mehndi, let it dry naturally.

- As the mehndi dries, it will start to crumble off in places, however, when wanting to fully remove the dried mehndi, do NOT use water. Simply scrape the paste off, brush it off, or remove it with baby oil or vegetable oil. But NEVER water.

To view/ download the Mehndi care guide click here.

* Lemon juice and sugar syrup: Dissolve 3 tsp of sugar in 3tsp of bottled or fresh lemon juice. Adjust quantities to make a thicker syrup if needed.